Sonntag, 19. August 2012


Creators, machinists, steel workers,steam engineers, tailors of victorian dresses, milliners, shoemakers, airship constructors are those who will be showing their works on the steampunk fleamarket. Here is the list of VIPs: Lexx Bondar,Lexus Ling, Ambiant Kukulcan, Fuschia Nightfire, Jenne Dibou, Sara Kujisawa, Acer Amaterasu, Bojax Baroque, Wrath Constantine, Yooma Mayo, Gewittertante Aabye, Thorsten Ducatillon, Maximillian Merlin, Alchemy Cyannis, Amadeus Hammerer, Nik Gandt, Harter Fall, Andromeda Roelofs, Firlefanz Roxley, Mowri Panache, Alechemy Cyannis, Daruma Boa, Sunshine Toshi, Tanja Levenque, Toysoldier Thor, Samina Mortensen

Opening will be at 11 am PDT / 20 MEZ. Kueperpunk Korhonen will be reading two stories, for both, the German and the English speaking audience. Haptic will be streamed in English and Grosvernors Räderwerk will be read in voice and in German.

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