Dienstag, 2. April 2013

Tesla on the Expo

Cythleen and Debbie have created a beautiful environment on their sim Soigne

The World´s Expo opened with a presentation by Ambiant Tesla Kukulcan and there many steampunk machines were shown

The audience was listening to the lecture about Nikola Tesla. 

Ambiant Tesla Kukulcan with his self created Tesla hat - he recommended not to touch because of electricity
Read Ambiant´s lecture here:

 It is Nikola who gave us A.C. electricity.... besting Thomas Edison to become the better purveyor of
My brand of steampunk...is a bit different than the "standard". I focus on what if questions....
what if Nikola continued his work even after he became ...well.... a bit crazy. And perhaps lived beyond the 1940's Tesla's work with electricity.... was way ahead of its time and many bring some of the comforts we enjoy in RL His proposals were even more amazing.... he was living in an apartment in New York City... The FBi...(USA crime fighting organization) went immeditely to his apartment  in NYC  and removed boxes of his notes and papers....We know this to be fact...they removed those papers for storage in a warehouse... where some observed there were also boxes of devices he had created.  The USA government did not want those "devices" to fall into the hands. The USA government lost track of that warehouse !!!  The papers and "devices" seem to have....just...."disappeared"  leading to speculation.... There is indication.... that Mr. Tesla... was working on devices that included anti-gravity machines....death rays (evil grin) and he had definitely been working on His actual inventions are truly amazing... his most favorite project... BROADCAST ELECTRICITY....That is...to send electrical power... over the air like radio signals... In fact, in principal....At the time of this death...especially at short range...this is easily done. There are some.... ahem....at longer range. So in SL....I'm just having fun trying to produce devices....some whimsical...some fun....However...Over time.... of other nations - particularly so soon after World War II. There is a Tesla Society. True - and many who have done work with Tesla devices...
.There are MANY tesla coils and tesla broadcast towers in SL no need for wires at all
he might have done.... "issues" some I hopMany produced by very very talented builders. Tesla's ideas were widely copied and he was constantly in patent battles.Long attributed to Marconi...The biggest involved the invention Tesla was angry for years.e a bit creative. As far as the USA is concerned... In the end, however, he won.  TESLA is the inventor of Radio.

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